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Enjoy our new Mediterranean style Heart Healthy recipes, now available to choose in all My Choice bags!

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We've now got 15 meals to choose from every week, including our brand new Heart-Healthy Recipes.  Brimming with fresh, local veggies, sustainably caught seafood, whole grains and healthy fats; our Heart Healthy meals bring the best of the Mediterranean to your dinner table and leave you feeling great.

Delicious meals that your heart will love!

The My Choice range continues to grow

What makes our meals so good for your heart?

Veggies Veggies Veggies!

Veggies are at the core of our Heart-Healthy meals. We ensure there’s a variety of veggies in every meal and include plenty of them. 

Whole Grains

We focus on using unrefined whole grains to ensure we’re getting all the nutritional goodness. 

We focus on using heart healthy oils like olive oils. Nuts & seeds, olives, avocado and salmon also deliver these heart-healthy fats!

Good Fats

Heart Healthy Proteins

We focus on plant-based proteins like beans, chickpeas, lentils, tofu, nuts and seeds, as well as sustainably caught seafood & free-range proteins.

Packed full of flavour

We’ve found the perfect balance of heart healthy goodness  without compromising on taste. There's plenty of herbs, spices, aromatics, and fresh produce to deliver the flavour.   

Select your bag, how many to feed, how many nights and all the recipes for your week of deliciousness!

Choose your meals

Everything you need is delivered safe & sound to your door.

We prep & deliver!

Eat & repeat!

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"Delicious meals, really enjoying the selection and choice of delicious meals. Easy to follow step by step. Really enjoying receiving My Food Bag and all the hard work already done by you. Thanks so much"

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"Great food. Easy to prepare. Great for encouraging teenagers to cook. Good for busy working people - come home to a meal ready to cook and nutritious. Less arguments about what to have for dinner in our household. Thank you 😊"

- My Choice Bag


"Reduces waste and saves time, and it’s helping my 7 year old get new things. Love it."

- My Choice Bag


"I get the My Food Bag vegetarian, and we've been very happy with it. The recipes are interesting and varied, and easy to follow. We find the portion sizes are very generous, so we always have left overs for the next day"

- My Choice Bag


Let us take care of the hard work, while you enjoy savings on your first week of deliciousness. We're your answer to 'what's for dinner?'


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From the heart!

We're just so pleased to have been able to work with the Heart Foundation to create this delicious selection of Heart-healthy recipes to bring to our foodies.

With a shared passion to get more Kiwis eating nutritious and tasty food, working with the Heart Foundation has been a dream.

“The Heart Foundation is supporting the fantastic work My Food Bag already does and is sharing our nutrition expertise to help create meal options that are not only kind to your heart, but are absolutely delicious”

- Dave Monro

Heart Foundation Chief Advisor
Food & Nutrition

Save30 promo valid for new customers only | T&C's Apply 

Get 30% off your first order | T&C's Apply 

Left to right: Lily Henderson (National Nutrition Advisor, Heart Foundation), Emma Wylie (Nutrition Manager, MFB), Dave Monro (Chief Advisor Food & Nutrition, Heart Foundation).